Reims, the new place to be – Interview of Jean-Yves Heyer

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Jean Yves Heyer
Jean Yves Heyer, CEO of Invest in Reims

His experience

After a conjoint degree in econometrics and European marketing, Jean-Yves Heyers started a career in territorial marketing after an enriching experience at Renault UK. He dove into the business by developing the Territoire de Belfort with the local team of councillors of the time. He renewed the experience in Orleans before being recruited to create the Invest in Reims agency.

His motto “straight to the point. “

Reims, a niche market

France’s economic activity is distributed around four major geographical areas:

Coastal and sunny regions are conducive to development, 50% of the economic activity being located in these areas.

Two cities share out 30% of the activity: Paris, France’s capital city and Lyon, which is the second biggest city of the country as well as an important industrial basin.

As for the rest of the country, let’s mention the great Paris Basin, with cities such as Tours, Lille, Rouen and Reims.

The latter occupies 7% of the aforementioned employment basin.

We are part of a niche sector with multiple advantages.

Sailing points

When a company wishes to obtain information about the area, we commit to answer their request within 24 hours.

With his a team of experts, Jean-Yves Heyer bets on a dynamic city that is aware of its very enjoyable living environment. Depending on the company’s needs, town planning, financing, information and logistics issues are addressed to devise the best support solutions for the structure.

In this battle for territorial attractiveness, we prove competitive.

A proof of that lies in the network of ambassadors which represents a turnover of 1000 billion euros.

Antoine Jouteur, CEO of leboncoin

There are 16 CAC-40 bosses on our territory, as well as 29 SBF-120 bosses. Companies such as Coyote, Le Bon Coin and DMD Sante partly set up in Reims and grew within the region.

Furthermore, this is the first gastronomic region of France in terms of starred restaurants, which promises an enjoyable lifestyle. Indeed, Jean-Yves Heyer also understood that in the virtuous circle of economy, a city has to meet a company’s needs just as much as to be be welcoming, as far as its living environment is concerned, so that it can attract families and above all retain them.

Reims took up the challenge of drawing families into a new employment basin favorable to economic development and to an enjoyable living environment. Facilities for families and young couples in a town served by high-speed train: Reims is now in the immediate proximity of Paris , but with a better quality of life.




1.1 million inhabitants

1 hour drive from Paris

30 minutes away from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

Served by high-speed train and motorways

35,000 students

3 billion of euros of investments from now until 2017

Worldwide business and research cluster for agricultural resources

A listed UNESCO World Heritage site

1st gastronomic region of France


Invest in Reims