Alpine, french-style elegance in the automobile industry

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Monaco, February 16, 2016. They’re all there: Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, current and future Alpine CEOs Bernard Olivier and Michael Van der Sande, even Prince Albert. More than 20 years after the discontinuation of its production, Alpine is coming back to life, positioning itself on the premium sports car segment.

Alpine Renault
Alpine Renault, old and new style

For the occasion, 80 collectors were invited to discover the new Alpine Vision. Along the harbour, their A110s line up in an impeccable metallic-blue angled row. The “berlinette” designed by visionary driver and manufacturer Jean Rédélé gained prestige in the 1970s. Crowned World Rally Champion in 1973, this small, agile, daring car went down in history and conquered the hearts of enthusiasts.


Finally, the veil is lifted. Straight away the Alpine Vision presents the dynamic lines of a sublime sports car: a low, sharp design, a punchy front end, diamond finish rims, a lowered rear-end, a galactic bench.

This show-car prefigures 80 to 90% of the car that will be commercialised in 2017. Carlos Ghosn announces.

According to model designer Anthony Villain, the whole challenge lied in achieving a perfect balance between heritage and modernity. Mission accomplished. The rounded bonnet, the outline of the rear windscreen, the vintage atmosphere aboard and the extra headlights refer to the iconic berlinette. The specifications of this little coupé build less on hyper-power than on the agility and lightness which constitute its DNA.

The Alpine is the only car to bear the name of its terrain. Its playful temperament expresses itself best on winding mountain roads. Its outstanding aerodynamic efficiency gives the driver an unrivalled sense of gliding,” Anthony Villain explains.

Accurate and sharp, the Alpine Vision becomes one with the environment, for exclusive driving pleasure.


No detail left to chance in its design. The refined finish is the hallmark of a certain French elegance. The flanks are marked with an arrow-pierced A. Inside, black quilted leather with blue topstitching coats the bucket seats and door trims. The centre console seems to be floating inside the cabin. The harness belts, coupled with brushed-aluminium buckles, and the circular stopwatch will take you to the world of competition.


Drivers will enjoy high tech equipment (a TFT screen underneath a carbon cowling, a multimedia touch-screen tablet), while blue backlighting plunges the passenger compartment into an ultra-contemporary atmosphere.

33_Alpine_Vision_webThe new Alpine holds a four-cylinder turbo engine that will propel it at 100 km/h in barely more than 4 seconds. Assembled in Dieppe – the brand’s historic birthplace – it benefits from the expertises of Renault Sport and F1 technologies, which gives it full legitimacy to find its place among high-end sports cars.

With its rich history and a future to look forward to, the Alpine Vision belongs to a world of elegance.

More than a vehicle, it’s a way of life.