Choosing a business school, a quest of many challenges

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The great post-high school course search is opening in France. The baccalaureate diploma recognises achievements gained over three years of general education, sometimes paired with a specialised subject. The great rush to choose one’s post-baccalaureate course especially takes place in the field of business schools. Choices are made according to the specialised teachings offered, the schools’ levels of excellence, as well as the student’s course plan.

Business school

Nowadays, a school’s growth is conditioned by international recruitment” reckons INSEEC Business School Dean Jacques Chaniol (Paris, Bordeaux and Chambéry campuses).

The proposal and the level of higher education in France is one of the country’s forces. Indeed, numbers of foreign students come to study in our schools or complete their courses in a specialized training is proposed.

The race for excellence has become a reputation of higher education in France. How to achieve to enter the best schools? What curriculum borrow for a degree course and an interesting position at the end?


The royal road of the great schools préparations is it the only way?

Nowadays, entering the top business schools are right out of the Bachelor or the international equivalent, or after preparation at schools. Choosing a school entrance directly or after two years of preparation will be based on the curriculum that the student decides to do. He will confront the specificities of each institution.

Preparations for large schools or preparations specific to each school?

In France, he distinguishes between two categories of preparation for entrance exams to the “grandes écoles”. You have classes called “preparatory” who will train the student to exercise the proposed competition. These preparatory classes also provide access to knowledge for the student allowing him to more easily in the following curriculum. The requested general culture in the school years that follow have already been addressed since this preparation.

The best known preparatory classes are Louis Le Grand, Henry IV, Charlemagne, Hoche and St. Genevieve.

Another form of preparation is recently proposed by some studies. Business schools now offer preparations incorporated into their curriculum allowing students to train in thinking of his future school to give more chance to return to the desired course. Commerce and colleges offer this training to integrate the circuit of their schools according to the student’s level and the specialty that he wished to have.

Across the world, millions of students look for Master’s degrees in an English-speaking environment. While 20 years ago, they would have most likely turned towards the United States or Great Britain, now they are willing to come to France to attend management schools with courses conducted entirely in English”, adds Olivier Aptel, Director General of the ESC Rennes School of Business.

As of today, 24 French schools offer English-speaking programs allowing them to open their doors to students from all over the world. This rich multicultural mixing results in the training of international elites.

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The ESC Rennes case

The ESC Rennes School of Business is the only one to enable all of its students to follow a graduate school programme in English. With already 80% of teachers and 50% of students of foreign nationalities (Germany, Spain, India, Mexico…), the school intends to take things further. By the end of 2015, it obtained its AACSB and EQUIS international accreditations, giving it an international standing.