Eric Vannier told us his Mont-Saint-Michel tale

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Vacations he spent at his grandparents who were doctors and the ful llment of his dream: to isolate the rocks surrounding Mont-Saint-Michel and make it an island once again. This passion was famously celebrated last October in the presence of French President, François Hollande.

Rue du Mont-Saint-Michel

• A memory from your vacations at Mont- Saint-Michel ?

The natural beauty… Our walks between the Saint-Aubert chapel to Tombelaine island, with the shifting shore and the moving sand.

• A strong feeling ?

After two hours of walking in the seemingly endless bay of sand, to nd yourself on Tombelaine island, surrounded by the sea: it’s the strongest tide in the world! Then we waited for the sea to abate and left at the end of the day.

• Another reason to visit Mont-Saint- Michel in 2016 ?

The return of Mont-Saint-Michel to nature and to the tides, thanks to the work of the hydraulic machines clearing the sand. After 30 years of work, 350 million euros backed by both the State and the department, this project was inaugurated in October 2015. Visitors will now be able to discover Mont- Saint-Michel in its new state.

• The Best way to experience the heart and soul of Mont-Saint-Michel ?

Do not miss the lighting of the barricade lights of the city and the abbey. Stay at La Mère Poulard hotel because the rooms have a view of the bay, the abbey, or the barricades; or at l’Ermitage, which was the former residence La Mère Poulard. Simply breathtaking.

• If Mont-Saint-Michel was a type of music ?

On the Contemporary side, I’d say the music of Pierre Boulez or a Tibetan Singing Bowl.For the power of the tides, a Berlioz and Wagner symphony or Carmina Burana.

mont saint michel

• A color ?

A vibrant palette of color space according to the vigor of the sky and sun.

• A perfume ?

The scent of kindling from the north of the island or from its small gardens.

• A number ?

Eight, it’s the symbol of in nity, it’s my numerology life path number, and 1888 was the year La Mère Poulard opened !

Eric Vannier, Honorary Mayor of Mont-Saint- Michel and Chairman of Groupe Mère Poulard.