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A very special year for the House of Fragonard, which is celebrating its 90 year. The name Fragonard resonates like poetry. This family-owned company has never stopped exploring the boundaries of creativity since 1926, sharing with us its quest for expertise and flair for the French art of living. Infused with passion and grace, Fragonard is an escape to the town of Grasse, where its historic plant serves each day as a theater for creation and unique scents. This is where – for the last 90 years – the staff have devoted themselves to producing various fragrance collections.

Fragonnard parfum

While Paris is the capital of fashion and Bordeaux and its wines are world famous, Grasse sets the standard in perfumes. Known for its rare scents, such as lavender, myrtle, jasmine, rose, wild orange blossom, mimosa and violet, Grasse now stands as an icon in the world of fragrance. This year the House of Fragonard is honoring the iris, the symbol of nobility, with a new line of products infused with the scent of the flower of 2016. The blossom known to perfumers as blue gold has many facets: violet, mimosa and woody notes subtly enhanced with fruity touches of carrot and raspberry. It takes no less than one ton of iris rhizomes to get 200 grams of Iris Absolute, whose price is around €100,000 per kilogram! The famous perfume brand founded in 1926 by Eugène Fuchs, a Parisian notary born entrepreneur, opened its first shop in one of the city’s oldest manufacturing sites. Its name pays homage to the great local painter Jean- Honoré Fragonard, who was himself the son of a master perfumer and glove maker to the royal court. Eugène Fuchs sought to honor the town of Grasse, which had welcomed him and his family, as well as the refinement of 18th century art. This decision also underscores his desire to run an operation that is mindful of tradition. This sense of tradition has been faithfully pursued by the subsequent generations that have taken the reins of the company. Jean-François Costa went about modernizing the business. In the 1970s, this great art connoisseur began assembling his collections of perfumery-related artifacts to open the Grasse museum and two museum boutiques in Paris. Now his daughters, Agnès and Françoise, hold the keys to Fragonard’s destiny. Like the generations that preceded them, they wish to make their own contribution to the brand and have chosen to develop scented home products to create a whole world of refinement inspired by Provence or tinged with exotic dreams.


Fragonard Parfumerie & Historic Factory

20, boulevard Fragonard – 06130 Grasse