French hospitals go the extra mile for foreign patients

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The excellence of France’s medical expertise is internationally acclaimed. The French healthcare system ranks among the best in the world. Meanwhile, foreign demand for quality treatment is growing, so the French government decided to encourage medical professionals to care for foreign patients.


Renowned medical expertise

“French medical expertise is known for its quality, humanity and affordability. It helps promote a positive image of our country,” asserts Jean de Kervasdoué, a health economist and author of a report that aims to raise the international profile of France’s healthcare offer. France is responsible for many groundbreaking innovations in cancer research, cardiology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, assisted reproduction and more. The skill of French practitioners and researchers no longer needs to be proven. French healthcare establishments use cutting edge technology under optimal safety and sanitary conditions.

Improving the experience for foreign patients

In July 2015, after the report was published, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health held a joint meeting to implement the measures needed to improve the experience of foreign patients by adapting and organizing a high-end healthcare sector. The ministers announced the formation of a task force comprising France’s hospital federations and main health institutions, the creation of a brochure and Internet portal for foreign patients and an overhaul of the process for accepting foreign physicians in order to create partnerships for treating patients. Streamlined administrative procedures and support for companies that offer healthcare and lodging concierge services are also in the works.


Private businesses have already forged relationships with a network of partner physicians and assist foreign patients with all aspects of their treatment. France Surgery, Sudlife, Mediclever solutions and Laetman Care greet patients at the airport, find the best practitioner for anything ranging from a basic consultation to a complex surgery and locate a suitable facility for their convalescence. Administrative support, tourist excursions, hotel services, catering and interpretation are also available. Provence Surgery was recently created in the south of France based on a proposal advanced by the Marseille state-owned hospital network. This platform offers tailor-made services: orthopedic work performed by Marseille hospitals, physical therapy at a facility in Aix-en-Provence and sightseeing activities. Modern comforts for an easy recovery.