Gustave Roussy, a European leader in the fight against cancer

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Institut Gustave Roussy is a treatment and research center that supports patients of all ages dealing with all types of cancer, including rare and complex tumors. This pioneering institute located in Villejuif (greater Paris) and founded in 1925 is now recognized as an international reference.


Driven by innovation

With recent developments such as cancer genomics, ultra-targeted treatments and im- munotherapy, oncology has seen continuous therapeutic advances with real promises. This is why the strategy at Gustave Roussy is built on research and innovation. The Gustave Roussy research center recruits talented resear- chers in France and abroad, which means it has top-tier knowledge to go along with its next-generation equipment and high-tech laboratories. The Institute’s success has attracted many donors, whose generosity is vital to funding research and new projects.

Excellence in treatment

The Institute administers high-precision treatments thanks to a cutting-edge technical platform. The Institute deploys a full range of scientific and technological resources to ght cancer. Its services are backed by ultra-modern interventional imaging and radiotherapy equipment. The center has also developed robot-assisted surgery that enables more reliable, more accurate and less invasive procedures. The da Vinci Xi robot acquired in 2015, for example, makes it possible to remove and reconstruct a cancer-stricken breast in a single surgery with minimal scarring. Similarly, the Cyberknife installed in 2016 delivers high accuracy radiation. This agile, mobile tool targets tumors with extreme precision to protect sensitive nearby organs and tissue.


A warm welcome

Gustave Roussy takes pride in approaching its patients as human beings and focusing on their quality of life. Personalized treatment is given to address their physical, psychological and social needs. There are support, wellness and tness programs to help patients feel comfortable in their bodies after their illness. Finally, its new hospital rooms were designed to meet hotel standards to further enhance patient comfort.


International reach

Gustave Roussy has been treating foreign patients for 30 years. In 2015, more than 1,300 foreigners traveled to France to receive the best care. In addition, the Institute has made international development a priority by training foreign physicians (especially from Kazakhstan), consulting to improve or build local infrastructures, signing partnerships with hospitals like King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh and the St. Petersburg Oncology Center and more. Better yet, in 2015 it signed an agreement of understanding to open a Gustave Roussy satellite hospital in Kuwait City in collaboration with the Al Mutawa Group, a major player in the Kuwaiti health sector.