The legendary Val d’Isère

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Pristine slopes, breathtaking vistas and sleek, narrow runs that afford glimpses of protected wildlife… Val d’Isère is undoubtedly the best-known ski destination in the world. This treasure of the Alps nestled in the heart of the Savoie Mont Blanc region offers 300 km of epic ski runs. Known around the world as the ultimate freeride experience, Val d’Isère goes hand in hand with thrills, freedom, wellness and gourmet cuisine.


Snow is the precious commodity that makes Val d’Isère such a legendary place. Whether you get giddy from powder, revved up by mogul skiing or intoxicated by the satiny white slopes, you will nd the happiness you seek here because snow is guaranteed. This is precisely why the Skiing World Cup has kicked off here for over 60 years. This is why the greatest champions have made history here. And this is why the spirit of the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2009 World Ski Championships lingers in the unique ambiance of the ski resort. There are dozens of ways to experience the snow. From gentle grades to adrenaline-fueled vertical drops, skiing and snowboarding reign at Val d’Isère.

Look below the resort to the friendly, festive mountain village with its rich history. The magic of the place is further enhanced by its emphasis on wellness and gourmet cuisine. The joyful mood is not a coincidence, but rather the happy effect produced by snow day after day and the good humor of an ancient village. Indeed, the atmosphere of the authentic town adds the nishing touch to this Val d’Isère dream. Throughout its long history, the resort town has offered up its baroque church and rock and stone chalets to envelop you in a setting that is truly warm and even a bit magical! It does not matter when you come; any day in winter will be perfect for making lasting memories in Val d’Isère..


Chalets, condominiums, hotels… To each their winter’s nest. From residental apart- ments to ve-star hotels and inspired dream chalets designed by renowned architects, Val d’Isère has the perfect accommodations for you. The resort’s booking service even offers personalized attention. Make yourself at home in the magni cient setting of a mountain village. After a full day of snow sports and excite- ment, you will nd many ways to relax in Val d’Isère. Find inspiration in the present moment under wonderful conditions.



Epicureans and gourmets be warned: your palate will beg for more! Val d’Isère has not overlooked your taste buds. With famous local products and inimitable recipes directly inspired by winter sports, your experience will de nitely be a journey of good taste as local cooks and bakers carefully hone the art of savoring the mountains.



Near the Rogoney trail, head out to the starting line of the BMW xDrive Slalom Ski Movie. On your marks, get set… go! Then see your time and a video recording your prowess at www. or via the Skiline app.



Float through fresh snow in an unspoiled natural setting. Experienced freeriders ock here for their nest outings: breathtaking jumps, creative lines, arcs and more.


Ski touring is the ultimate outdoor activity and the landscapes here are endless. In addition to nighttime outings, guides and ski instructors provide introductory ski touring lessons every day.


There are two fun, natural boardercross courses on the Bellevarde massif and one on the Solaise massif where speed demons and tight turning ends can have a blast in a safe setting.



Get behind the wheel of the latest BMW models on the snowy La Daille plain to smoothly blast through turns and changes in direction as you nd your rhythm and put on an automotive show that’s out of this world.


For a truly extraordinary experience, slip on your crampons and grab an ice axe. There are two majestic, natural waterfalls with night lighting that are maintained and monitored by a guide.