Paolo Sari at Monte Carlo Beach, the first 100% organic Michelin star

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Monte Carlo Beach is a timeless address removed from the excitement of the Place du Casino. It is more discreet and far more than a hotel. Monte Carlo Beach is a like a plush jewel box: intimate, luxurious, discreet and elegant. Under its terra cotta curves, the facade of Monte Carlo Beach stands in contrast to the Beaux Arts style of the other buildings on Place du Casino. Not to mention the beach cabanas and “solarium” pier that anchor the “Seabathing Society” in a new era… Make way for modern times!

When Monte Carlo Beach debuted in 1928, its grand opening celebration was immortalized by the famous American columnist Elsa Maxwell, an event that was recorded in the datebooks of every socialite! Monte Carlo Beach became the new gathering spot for the artistic, musical and cultural elite.

To celebrate its 80th birthday, Monte Carlo Beach got a comprehensive renovation, with interiors designed by the talented India Madhavi (Claridge’s in London, Condesa in Mexico City, Villa des Alyscamps in Arles), who reimagined the hotel as an “ode to the Mediterranean”. The new outdoor environment conceived and developed by landscape artist Jean Mus greets guests on their swimming outings.

Monte Carlo Beach Lobby
Monte Carlo Beach

The dawn of this new era is also reflected on the plate. Monte Carlo Beach plays the green card thanks to Paolo Sari, the first chef to earn a Michelin star with 100% organic cuisine.


Paolo Sari was born in Venice and spent his childhood in the kitchen with his mamma, helping her make dried pasta and hand-rolled gnocchi. He clearly received a gourmet upbringing that shaped him for life, enabling him to create indelible memories for us decades later, thanks to a sacred passion for the culinary arts born in the City of the Doges. As a teenager, he went to culinary school and learned the secrets of Italian dishes that have spread across the planet: saffron risotto at Marchesi, the first three-star distinction for Italy, stuffed ravioli, spaghetti al dente, cappelletti in broth, tagliatelle in ragù, antipasti, breaded veal scallops…all the building blocks of his superlative know-how. Paolo Sari grew up to be a chef with keen taste buds and deft hands, even-keeled and enthusiastic: the foundation of a future great chef from across the Alps.

Paolo has the look of an eternal teenager with an eager eye and sharp mind. This globe-trotting ambassador of Italian cuisine has wielded his knives here, there and everywhere. He worked at the Four Seasons in London, at the Dorchester with Swiss master chef Anton Mosimann and at Pierre Koffmann’s Tante Claire (three stars) before embarking on a world tour of sorts: South Korea, China, Japan and kaiseki cuisine. To cap it all off, Paolo spent three months at a monastery studying vegetables.

Monte Carlo Beach chamber

At the helm of the Monte Carlo Beach restaurant, Paolo Sari enforces an inviolable rule: 100% organic. Everything that comes into the kitchen – even the pepper and champagne – is organic. The Venetian applies the motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body” to his cooking each day, starting with the rigorous selection of food products (vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.) supplied by farmers and farm stands in neighboring villages like Saint-Jeannet. Paolo Sari is familiar with every small harvest delivered and all the local co-ops, with their culinary craftsmanship. It all goes into dishes like the “Sama Organic” plate of carrots, zucchini, spring onion and garden herbs moistened with olive oil and seasoned with Camargue salt. The same holds for the raw and cooked artichokes, baby fennel, English peas in a delicious cream with zucchini blossoms, green beans and mountain new potatoes — a rarity in the French Riviera.

Paolo Sari wants to know everything about the provenance of his deliveries, including the meat from the slaughterhouse, where the cuttlefish are caught, the origins of the sage, gray shallots and spring garlic and so on because, for him there is no real cuisine without transparency and consistency. As a thorough chef, Paolo Sari has created a menu of 20 items that reconcile gourmet indulgence with health. And supremely demanding standards.

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