RLS Grand Tourisme, deluxe chauffeur service

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The R for refinement, the L for luxury and the S for the elegant sportiness of the vehicle form the definition of RLS Grand Tourisme. Discover the great outdoors RLS in a powerful car with the 585 hp V8 Biturbo engine.

Whatever the nature of the request, the location and the duration of your trip, experience a great luxury in a vehicle combining all the essential options for a quality journey.

I realized that this service did not exist in Normandy, and was, so to speak, reserved for the Parisian clientele – Dorian Viel, founder of RLS Grand Tourism

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, RLS Grand Tourisme offers all the services you need for high-end travel. The flexibility of the offer allows its user to cross the region but also France in a vehicle dedicated to comfort and well-being.


We want to make our customers travel in the best way, show them that France is not just about Paris. – he develops. Normandy has the chance to combine several assets: high historical sites with landing beaches, magnificent sites such as the Mont Saint-Michel, and a rich land.

This lover of the Normandy region offers through his service, all the comfort necessary for quality journeys. The destination and the time of use of the service are limited only to the customer’s needs. The flexibility is total for both a professional and a tourist trip.


RLS Grand Tourisme, the craftsman of luxury at the service of customer satisfaction. Auto-Moto, the famous French automobile magazine confirms this and dedicates RLS Grand Tourisme as a luxury reference on Normandy-Grand Ouest.